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Lexmoto sfx main beam and headlight problems


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I have 2016 lexmoto sfx 125 I've had hassle with my headlight bulb not working so I've replaced it 3 times and yesterday I replaced it went to work in morning it was working fine came home from work it rained for 10 mins when I got on the bike on my speedo the blue light for main beam was lit up but my main beam wasn't working and its been doing this a few times any help

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Is your bike the ZXS 125, either way not really important, think you might have a wiring problem , first thing I'd do is have a look at your wiring switch on the handlebar ,make sure everything is clean in there, then the connector at the headlight ,making sure its not burnt, try the WD40 Specialist Contact Cleaner at the switch to clean the contacts, dont use ordinary WD40 :wink:

Should really be in Pitstop

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