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wk go 50cc scooter crank end bearing fail


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does that mean the reason why is have of them have broken

my sons bike has only done 4000 miles in the 3 years from new i do expect a fail from a cheap bike but bearing in 4000 miles is a bit bad

when we where looking i said honda yam etc

but dad i found this 2 years old for £375 with 2500 miles on it and i still said go for a better bike but as it was only 2and a half years old thought it might last the year of him riding but we only got 6 months out of it

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A lot of the smaller bikes these days are farmed out to China , India, Korea , these smaller bikes do need a lot of looking after to get the best out of them, clean oil being one , but when you see the engine in bits you'll wonder why it hasnt broke down before, everything is so small, having said that you would be better off with a well known name as at least the quality control might be better :wink:

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bit late now :mrgreen:

but lets hope this sorts it out ive worked on 2 strokes before but never 4 stroke so im a little out of my depth but got to try to sort it out so he can get back on the road

is been in parts for 4 weeks seeing vids on line cheaking parts ordering bits now just waiting for the engine gaskets and was looking for tourque setting as the last hurdle (apart from the fact i dont know what im doing)

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ok the bikes back together and running sounds a a bit better than it did when we go it its got to go for an mot before we realy see if its fixed but running it around the farden and ticking over sound well good

thanks for all the help and especially MrPickwick for the manual dont think we would have got it done with out it

just wanted after the help let every one know how it went

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