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Ruroc Helmets

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Been bombarded with their ads on social media the last few weeks. They do a lot of snowboarding helmets which seem to get a lot of praise and last night they launched their bike helmets.

Got some quite funky looking designs and not too bad a price point, has anyone else seen them / decided to buy one? Lack of reviews on them is a bit off-putting for now but they do look quite tempting.

Not sure if we can link to them but here’s a link just in case - https://www.ruroc.com/en/44-atlas-helmets

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I've had the same quantity of emails/PR for this, entered their big draw competition to win a helmet but without seeing some user reviews, SHARP test for comparison or it getting put through it's paces on a full review, I wouldn't touch it. The only news/commentary I;ve seen has been on FB, which I don't trust at all, or on snowboarding forums and that's not really relevant to a m/c helmet.

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Yeah I entered their comp too. Gives them an excuse to email me daily lol. Hopefully there will be some reviews going live soon. Hoping they do live up to the hype as they seem quite a nice bit of kit

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I recently bought the Ruroc Berserker. The helmet plus an extra visor cost £385.

I then bought the Shockwave Bluetooth module for it, which was another £120.

The helmet is very comfortable to wear, and the Bluetooth unit is loud, though the buttons are nigh on impossible to use when in motion.

As someone that usually uses a Bell MX9 Adventure and Bell Broozer, the Ruroc’s lack of peripheral visibility take some getting used to.

I’ve yet to wear it in the rain, but if it performs well in the Welsh climate, it will probably be my go to winter lid.

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