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A272 Wrecked !


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Don't know if you have heard but anyone who enjoys the A272 around West Sussex is soon going to be disappointed!

Cowdray Estate is planning to excavate 4 million tonnes of sand from just West of Midhurst and move it by lorry - that's 100,000 lorry loads!

What does that mean for us a lorry every 10 minutes for 5 years all using the A272?

What can we do?

If you feel that this volume of traffic will destroy this great ride you can object to this proposal:-

Online go to:


Click 'Soft Sands Review - consultation'

Scroll down to 'Response Form'

Fill in your details and go to Question 5

Object to thousands of HGV's on rural roads - A272.

You can also email: mwdf@westsussex.gov.uk.

If we don't object we won't get to enjoy this classic ride in the future !!

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There will be a design limit for numbers of vehicles per day/hour and it will be huge in comparison to the extra few lorries, seen this used in a full on public enquiry into plans that had everything thrown at it to try stop it, one was too much traffic, this was a tiny local Road, capacity was something like 2000 per hour and even with a lorry every minute it took the actual average up by 1%, so a lorry every 10 mins on a highly used Road ain't going to make a blip.

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Lorries are a pain in the ass but at the same time critical to the infrastructure of any developed country. You said there is no alternative so what is the desired outcome? The sand is transported by van instead? This would result in 10x amount of vans on the road instead (plus totally unrealistic).

Why is the sand being excavated? This is likely a huge cost operation and I doubt council are doing it for fun.

I get everyone has enjoyments and these are sometimes spoiled by external bodies but what is spoiling your ride may have large benefits to other people, is the sand being used to build houses, will it be used for improving beaches, etc...

Not picking on this directly but seems to be a raise in people complaining about what affects their little bubble, neighbors here have complained about costs of housing and no affordable properties for their family looking to move nearby. At the same time I've had 2 requests in a month to sign petition to block 2 different affordable housing developments... People moan about roadworks yet then complain that a road needs to be repaired...

Personally I get more enjoyment out of life just sitting back and not giving a shit about minor inconveniences.

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