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Giant size everything

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So, I've done my newbie intro post, here's for the real questions.

Where can my giant fiance find bike clothes???

We're talking:

48" jacket, ideally in leather, which is fine, found loads that actually fit his shoulders and body well, but they are all to short in the arms!

Size 14 boots, again ideally leather, sort of work boot style is how I would descibe them. Or something more casual, he ordered in Richa krazy horse wp boot in a 48, but they aren't wide enough.

He hasn't even started on bottoms, but is talking about bike jeans, they would need to be a 38" and long, he's 6'4".

Helmet is sorted (thank god).

Bike wise he'll be looking to start off on a CBR500, then onto something like an X Diavel when he's properly up and running.

Hit me with your suggestions and recommendations, if what he's looking for exists 👍

Bike Widow out

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There are answers to all these questions but it all comes down to budget.

he can have boots made to measure by Altberg. all the upper and most mid range brands do trousers in a long leg. (Im 6'7 in my boots and have had no problems) jacket is easy.. probably. so are helmet and gloves.

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