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Headlamp bulb change


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I have a Zontes Firefly 125cc and need to change the headlamp bulb. This involves removing the plastic cowling covering the headlamp. The manual shows an image of the cowling with arows pointing to the area where the holding bolts are but no specific location. Has anyone any information as to what and where these are and how many? Thanks

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I may of done this before for a friends partner who I think had this bike. If so its just a couple of torx head bolts, one at each side, turn the handlebars fully to the right and you'll easily see it. Reverse process for the other side.

He had a lot of electrical gremlins with that Bike, especially with the headlight. When you change the bulb have a look at the rubber block connector as it was melting on his :shock:

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and make sure you're buying the 35w/35w(not the 55/60w for cars) motorcycle bulbs, the plastic reflector will melt otherwise


I think what you really mean is buy the headlight bulb that is a suitable replacement for your bike/lamp :wink:

Mine uses standard H4 55/60w if I bought the one you are suggesting I would have very little light :lol:

Also fitting higher wattage bulbs could easily burn out your wiring and cause a fire

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