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UK to North Italy advice


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Hello fellow bikers. Brand new to this forum.

Myself and my pal are planning riding to Italy from Scotland this September. We have 8 days there and back. Hoping to spend 2 days at his parents place at Pisa.

Just looking for some advise on routes there. I’m unsure whether to get ferry from Hull to Belgium then make our way down or straight to Dover. We’d like to catch some of the Swiss Alps and avoid as much of the boring roads as possible but also get to Pisa by day 3 of leaving Scotland.

We’ll be looking at B&B’s/hotels- no camping.

Not going to book anything obviously until we know what’s happening with Brexit but just keen to hear of others’ experiences.

Many thanks in advance.


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I think you'll need a holiday after that ride. We went in the motorhome to Calais then over into Belgium (no toll roads in Belgium) then Luxembourg (cheap fuel) , Germany, Austria, Italy.

It's a long way, can't remember how many days it took but we were away for 10 weeks so it was like a one way trip. Turning right round and coming back again? :shock: no thanks.

Enjoy it if you can :thumb:

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Ferry Newcastle to Amsterdam.

Ride 130 miles from Amsterdam to Dusseldorf. arriving at Dusseldorf on a friday

From Dusseldorf the overnight Urlaubs-Express Motorail service to Verona.

from Verona ride 160 miles to Pisa

That could be either the outgoing journey or reversed for the return. and is probably the only way to do a trip like you are planning in 8 days without it being a slog from hell.

If you do it as a return the train from Verona to Dusseldorf runs on a Saturday,

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The most cost effective route for us (Scots) is the P&O ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge.

Since you don't have much time to play with, you probably want to take the quickest rather than the most interesting route to Pisa so - Zeebrugge to Colmar or Mulhouse, then next day through Switzerland and into Italy.

You can get a vignette for Switzerland before you go, then you need to have a credit card or Euros handy for tolls. Not the cheapest way, but you only need to pay for one hotel / B&B, so maybe no more expensive really.

I did a similar run years ago on a 600 Fazer (heading for Imola WSBK) and really enjoyed it. I got away without a vignette on the way down but got stopped at the border on the way back. With today's technology I wouldn't chance entering Switzerland without a vignette - if you get caught speeding or using the motorways without a vignette, the Swiss know how to dish out fines - very hefty fines !

If that all goes to plan, day 1 to Zeebrugge, day 2 Mulhouse, days 3, 4,5&6 in Pisa then reverse route.

Enjoy ! :D

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As well Hull to Amsterdam, but 8 days in not enough, from Amsterdam to Pisa is 1000 km on the motorway 10 to 12 hrs fast riding no long breaks. If you want to use more interesting roads than 3 days to Italy and let’s say 2 to 3 days back by 10 hrs a day in the saddle. It can be painful. Except if you are not use to spend few hrs daily on the motorcycle. I did Croatia to Scotland and back few years back, 12 days very tight schedule and lot of motorways miles.

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Many thanks for all your replies folks. Really appreciate it.

Im quickly starting to realise it’s going to be very tight and a slog to go there and back in a week.

I’ll give it more thought and planning. Not going until September so plenty of time.

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