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Yamaha MT10 2018 ABS review


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What model was it?

MT10. Yamaha supernaked 1000cc inline 4 cylinder crossplane crank engine, 6 gears. It's the R1 engine dutuned for more low end grunt, less top end. 160bhp, top speed 156mph (according to my speedo on the closed, private road). 82ft/lb torque so it power wheelies pretty damn easily. In fact MT stands for Master of Torque. This is the big boy in the range - there's also a 3 cylinder MT09 - have a guess at the capacity, and twin cylinder mt07, mt03 and mt125 single (which was my previous bike actually, and the only other bike I've owned, so bear that in mind). Early models didn't have a quickshifter, mine does (up only). ABS too. I've done 6500 miles on it, mostly spirited a/b road commutes, never tracked it.

Here it is stock on the day I bought it.



When did you buy it and how much did it cost?

Jan 2018 - msrp was £11,700 I think but I got £500 off and they chucked in a tail tidy and radiator and oil guard.

Good points?

The engine. Oh boy the engine. Normal inline 4s can sound a bit whiney, a bit electric. The crossplane crank has a different cylinder firing order which means it burbles and splutters - best sounding i4 there is. As above I've only ridden a 125 beforehand (and the mt07 on my das I guess) so I haven't much to compare it to but my god the POWER! You can't use it all. You can do 80mph in 1st gear. It has 3 power modes that all deliver full power, but in mode 1 if you full wrist it you can't not wheelie. Mode 3 is more sedate and good for rain; I ride in mode 2. Same deal with the traction control. Its just a constant surge of torque and arm wrenching horsepower all the time. At 120mph it actually picks up, and smacks your helmet back if you're not tucked. Not much wind protection on a naked of course. I don't see how you could ever need any more power. Comfy riding position - 2/3 hours straight is fine, no wrist strain. Not too exposed for a naked. Looks badass (though not pretty). Quickshifter is cool. Sounds great. LED headlights! So many new bikes don't have em and I think halogens look dated now. These lights are insanely powerful. Handling is great - very flickable, doesn't feel heavy. Dash cluster and controls are functional and logically laid out. Cruise control is cool.




Bad points?

Range. It's a 17l tank and I get 39mpg which equates to 110 miles tops. The brakes aren't great - a bit weak. The abs kicks in on a rear gentle brake at 30mph - infuriating. Rear shock is bouncy - I need to get it setup my for 15stone weight, or swap it out - lots of owners opt for a Nitron and say it transforms the ride. The stock exhaust is pretty quiet actually which I don't mind but some would definitely want it louder.

Would you get another?

Hell yes.

Any other comments?

Mods - bar end mirrors, shorty levers, crash bungs, tail tidy, paddock stand bobbins, carbon fibre rear spoiler light cover fins (I kicked the others off getting my leg over - flimsy!)

Attach a picture if you wish.


New pic



Old pic



Brand new pic


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