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OEM Plastic Chain Gaurds required?

Noble Dave

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Hey peps have this big foot guard fitted to bike to prevent meself touching chain with me boot as pants always tucked into em anyway if not wearing leathers, is this big plastic monstrosity required or not, as motogp riders etc dont have em and they push bike alot harder then I ever will.

Bloody ugly and didnt put a nice chain on to have it hidden haha.

A. Will it pass MoT

B. If not required worth removing?

C. Only protection from it is stop pants going i to chain as wont do squat if chain breaks?

D. Will my toe guard cover all aspects the plastic thing does?

E. Chain flick shouldnt be bad as usuall spray off on the gears not straight?

Seen afew around without and been contemplating it meself, wondering if anyone here does it?



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GP rider may push harder but their chains don't do 10 -15k with the potential to snap as easy which that guard will help stop the chain taking your leg off :thumb:

You could buy a rear hugger with built in chain guard which will look miles better

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My bike failed mot for not having a chain guard. It's not a requirement apparently but if the bike is supposed to have one fitted as standard and the bolt holes are there it needs to be on.

I also was told to remove my rear foot pegs as I had taken the pillion seat off.

Maybe I just had a jobsworth tester!! Seemed a sound enough guy though :D

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There's probably a better looking aftermarket one about somewhere. But really, I would be inclined to stick with a chain guard for the safety aspect. You'd never forgive yourself if you had a chain break on you and cause a serious injury for basically leaving off something that no one ever takes any notice of.

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