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BBC Extends Motogp contract

Fazer Pete

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So the beeb has extended untill 2013 and Eurosport might get dropped.

I don't think this is a particularly good thing. Eurosport show all the races, live, and the qualifying. The beeb doesn't and probably won't either.

Also, they have just got the F1 back. How long untill Motogp gets shunted to a recorded highlights, or, as they have done in the past, cut off mid race to go to the traffic jam. :evil:

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I see your point mate, but personally I am happy about it.

Remember the last time the beeb had F1 things like digital TV with BBC3 and BBC4 did not really exist. Neither did the almighty red button!!

Hopefully with all the extra stuff we should get good coverage.

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you usually get qualifiying and races of all classes with bbci and bbc normal.

i think i posted before about using the google calendar and having it text you free when its going to be on

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Yeah lol, even more Suzi Perry 8)


Please less suzi perry :puke:

Another reason for wanting it to stay on eurosport!


The reasons it should stay on Eurosport are the coverage and commentating ( dutch ES commentators are crap btw).

Ok the breaks are a bit of a yawn but I'll take ES over the BBC everytime, breaks and all.

And that Perry girl hit her peak 5 years or so ago, its been downhill since then......but I do remember her making me stand up and notice last year with a tiny pair of grey shorts :wink:

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Suzi Perrys alright. She's cute. great when they go to races where it doesn't rain. :drool:

Parish is alright he knows his stuff, but I just don't get the same buzz out of watching it listening to Parish and Cox as I do Moody and Ryder. It's like when Murray Walker used to commentate you could see that something interesting was happening on screen but it's the commentators words that make it more exciting.

I wish there was a clip of the two repsols coming together in Estoril in 2006 then you could see. It's like sitting down with your mates on a couch and watching it.

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