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Engine oil help


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Well hello again,

New problem has appeared, my oil light is on and I have discover I need engine oil, by taking out the oil minim bolt out of the engine and none comes out unless I lean the bike over abit. I know I need oil to put directly into my engine but I don't know what. I have a derbi senda 50 2 stroke. I asked my friend who also has a 2 stroke and he puts 4 stroke oil into his engine. My 2T oil is fine I just don't know what oil I put in to top it up


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Hello and welcome to TMBF.

2 stroke oil goes in the 2 stroke tank and is automatically mixed with petrol to lubricate and fuel the engine.

4 stroke oil goes into the engine cases to lubricate and cool the engine & gearbox.

What type of 4 stroke oil you need will be recommended by the manufacturer of your bike - you should be able to find it on line.

Probably 10W40 Motorcycle oil - don’t use car oil.

But just watch some smarty pants come along and contradict me 😉

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Is this your bike


If so then;

Oil for crank case

Lubrication and greasingOil for the crankcase:• Viscosity: SAE 10W 40• Quality: API GL4• Capacity: 650 c.c. (0.65 l)

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