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Shadow vt 125


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good points

everyone mistakes it for a bigger bike. huge plus when you dont ride with L plates

fairly reliable although i bought a shitter and had to do some repairs after a while

sounds decent when you swap out the stock pipe

easy to modify

bad points

slow obviously because it's a 125

parts are expensive for something so cheap

being 17 i bought the bike because, lets be honest i wanted a harley but couldnt have one due to regulations. as such i modified it slightly, none of the 'bobber' crap you see on ebay, just swapping out a few quality parts to suit me better. once thats done and it looks the dogs nuts. i love mine to be honest, i only wish it had some more grunt, but that being said i routinely overtake traffic going 40mph and accelerating past, so it does have more grunt than the average 125 you have to push off a ramp to overtake.

if you keep with the stock look its kinda dorky, the lay back chrome bars, huge seat, massive chrome exhaust and air filter cover. swapping the bars for risers and drag bars, cutting down the mudgards and fitting a smaller licence plate and tail light, then some parts blacked out removes some of the tack.

having done long trips, as well as my daily town ride i can tell you it gets annoying trying to keep to the back roads when crossing the country, because sitting at 70mph isnt an option for this thing as far as i can tell. 65 tops it seems mostly but that was with my bad engine, i might do a top speed run in the future

in town it works great, quite a lot of rake so you gotta muscle the thing around sometimes, especially when you narrow the bars to accommodate for driving in and out of traffic.

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