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Lomo Kayak and SUP Deck Dry Bag


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I've been using the DRZ for my weekly two-day trip to Cambridge. This means taking a bit of luggage - too much for a rucksack, but not enough to need serious luggage. So I'd been using a standard 40l Lomo dry bag strapped to the rear luggage rack. It was ok, but faffing about with straps soon became boring, so I started looking for a more convenient solution. I thought about panniers, but good ones £££ expensive, and I was keen to avoid adding the weight of pannier frames as the rear suspension is so soft.

And I then I cam across this


for £30 on Amazon, and thought it was perfect. The genius thing about it is that the straps fix to the bottom of the bag, rather than going over the top. This means that once it's on the bike, it stays on and it stays tight, regardless of how much stuff you put in. When it's empty, it's just as firmly fixed as when it's full. There's no need to keep readjusting the straps, I just put stuff in, roll the top and go. It saves me aeons of faff on each trip.

And of course it's just as dry as a normal Lomo bag - we've been through some Noahic downpours and it's always stayed as dry as the inside of the Ark. I also like the handy mesh pockets - useful for a water bottle or, in my case, for putting my glasses. I guess the only downside is that it is fairly small: it's fine for a couple of days away, and I'd probably be ok with it for three or four days, but no more than that. The diameter of the bag is quite small, too, so you can't take large objects, but my monster 2" thick 17" laptop fits in nicely.

Nowadays, the bag just sits on the bike all the time. It's so useful, and so convenient to use, the bike wouldn't feel complete without it.

Apologies for the crap pic:lomo2.thumb.jpg.e7ef921e71bbab41d65e5b12b8ef1efa.jpg

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