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Custom/Tailor made gloves

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So far I'm on my 5th pair of gloves. 1 set I managed to return, 2nd set I bought off FB for a steal, 3rd set I have worn once but marked so unable to return, 4th I have treated and tried to stretch but making do as it's getting expensive and the 5th are winter gloves and kind of fit. Problem I have is very large palms, so xl gloves fit my fingers but when gripping my thump is badly squished and causes hand cramp after about an hour of riding. Looking at custom made gloves, anyone had to do the same and could recommend somewhere? Thanks

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Look at the gloves on www.sportsbikeshop.com look at the size guide for the gloves you like and it’ll tell you how to measure to get the right fit. Some you measure the palm, some you measure around the hand.

You could also give them a call and ask for their expert advise. They will be more than happy to help.

As long as you keep the tags on their returns policy is excellent so you won’t have to worry about sending ill fitting gloves back until you find the right pair.

Just bare in mind that just like anything else clothing related the fit can change from brand to brand. This includes the length on the digits.

Happy browsing :D

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Have you tried the Held gloves that come in small medium and long finger lengths? Might be worth a try.

Held do a few like this.


I would suggest you soak them and put them on to stretch them (like you used to have to do with walking boots) but I’d be concerned about the integrity of the stitching holding up.

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As well as limiting your scope for hitch-hiking....I was going to post a :thumb: but realised it would be inappropriate.

Or you could give Goldtop a ring 020 8088 4840 and explain your problem.

They are motorcycle outfitters and do a wide range of gloves. Have a look on the interweb here:


Good luck,

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