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MOT 125cc Advice


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Hi guys

New member here. Im buying either a YBR125 or a CBF125 this month.

I was hoping to get some rough ideas of actual prices to get a 125cc through an MOT I know the cost of the MOT I'm looking more at the repair costs..

I have had cars that end up costing me hundreds of pounds to get it through an MOT and its making me a little concerned about buying my first bike with short (ish) MOTs.

In my head I cant see how it can cost anywhere near as much to get a bike to pass as there is less to a bike.

I will be doing the majority of the work myself as I'm a reasonable novice mechanic but it will still help me get an idea of the work involved.

If you could comment below with your average MOT cost including any repairs that would be much appreciated.

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use the .gov website to check the mot history of the vehicle to see what advisories/fails its had in the past few years this may give you an idea if what may be needed

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My first mot for my 125 at a main dealers garage and the tester told me it wasn't worth what it would cost to get it to pass and I should scrap it!! :shock:

It needed a new swingarm and the handlebars were slightly bent upwards on the right hand side.

£30 for a secondhand swingarm on eBay and I straightened the bars with a large pipe. Took it to an Independent garage and it passed :cheers:

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Completely depends on the condition of the bike. Mine costs me the price of an MOT to get it through. But I look after it and fix anything that is broken.

However if the exhaust is beyond repair, some engine damage, frame damage it could easily amount for £500+ to fix.

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