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Electronics Modifications


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Hello Guys

I have a question relating to adding an alarm and L.E.D. lights to my Yamaha YBR 125.

do i have to change the battery when adding extra's to the bike or will the standard battery be enough?

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The alarm on mine tends to take quite a bit out of the battery which isn't a problem when it's ridden every day but if I go away for a couple of weeks the battery indicator shows a bit low. I fitted a new battery in case it was the battery dying but the new one does exactly the same.

I use a CTEK charger so it's not a problem but just check how much the alarm draws if you don't ride every day.

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if you do leave it for long periods, have a look at solar chargers if suitable to use, most only require daylight, and will just keep a battery maintained on a low trickle charge, i use one for my leisure battery which i have had for over 5 years and still in peak condition,

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