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Help needed! Tall man problems

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Hi guys, I’m new to the forum so go easy on me.

I’ve had a quick search but can’t find what I’m looking for. I’m a 6’ 6”, slightly overweight bloke that is having an absolute nightmare finding leathers.

I recently bought a K5 GSXR 750 and my textile clobber isn’t cutting it. I’ve tried on Alpinestars 1 piece leathers but the legs may as well not have been stitched on. They barely come half way down my shin.

Can anyone recommend a brand of leathers that generally make a longer leg? I have tried various 2 piece sets on but again have had no real joy. My last attempt is to order some Alpinestars long leg leather bottoms in the hope that they fit but if I can find a brand that are a bit cheaper then I’m all for trying!

Any help appreciated 👍


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Leathers, you're very likely going to go down the made to measure route, and that's not going to be cheap. Textiles, quite easy to find in sizes to fit.. But you're probably going to need to go up market to get a longer leg and the level of fit and quality you're looking for to improve on what you already have. And that's not going to be cheap either, but rather simpler than bespoke leathers.

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As gerontious says.


Bks in London might be your only option Jim, it was funny watching you get into that one piece :thumb:


Hahaha it wasn’t funny for me! Never thought I’d work up a sweat just putting clothes on! :oops:

I have ordered some “long leg” Alpinestars Missile jeans but they have got to come from Italy, gonna take a while for delivery. More than I had originally planned to spend but they’ve gotta fit, right?

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