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Difficult to answer . I've seen the one you're on about . It actually says runs and rides ok but knocking sound coming from the clutch , not the clutch side . Contact the seller and ask them to be much more specific about this knocking. Ask if it's a repetitive , rhythmic noise or an occasional clunk. I think they probably know more than they are letting on . My best guess would be that the clutch retaining nut has come loose and the basket is knocking on the shaft . If the splines on the shaft are good then you might get away with sticking a second hand clutch basket on it . It all depends how the auction goes really.

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well I contacted the owner and and asked about the knocking but didn't receive an answer and now the bike has disappeared so that's that anyway there is plenty more fish in the sea they are coming up for sale all the time :)

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right so later on this year I think I will be on the lookout for a cg project to play with in the man cave in the winter months long nights and short days etc shouldn't be too bad with the heater and radio on and plenty of cups of tea fairly looking forward to it playing with a little bike and it will keep me away from the one eyed monster :wink:

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