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EUROSPORT commontaters....


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Valencia at the weekend.....

What was with the comentators...

Never heard such a pair of useless 2hats ever.... Its nice to hear a bit of banter and off topic conversation when the racing is on (all hail Toby, Jules, Whitam and Barnacle) but the pair of dribbling idiots on sunday were just annoying....

The coverage was abismal... Too much talking absolute harrysacks and not enough information....

Warren Pole, Parrish and Tommy Hill whittering on about nothing and all the while we are wondering if brands hatch will go ahead and why is the supersport race delayed.....

Stick to what works EUROSPORT UK and ditch the NO CLUE, Boring nutsacks from last weekend........

Rant level reduced to mild teeth grinding and swearing at the telly.... :evil:

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They were on because whitam and burnicle were at brands...I assume things will be back to normal when rounds dont clash!

The studio guys had to spin things out and did say brands was cancelled at the start of the show!

Oh and just incase can anyone explain "tractating" :?

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I really don't like Eurosport. The commentators are really irritating and they put adverts in the middle of the racing, so you miss everything!

I hate the way they have a near monopoly on TV bike racing coverage which means making Mr Murdoch even richer...

I shall stick with Freeview and WSB internet coverage. I realise this means I'll miss BSB other than the C4 highlights, but I'd be really pished off if I paid mega bucks for such a naff service...

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It isnt a naff service..top notch coverage and to ne fair dont really pay that much for it...if I cancelled mine would save just £1.75 a month!

Oh and instead of missing the bits with the ads ( but not if you switch to beeb )you'd rather miss it all :lol:

But never fear for those that dont like eurosport the moto gp might not be on there after this year so a shitty coverage from the beeb is all we'll have!

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No I would have the rest anyway..so to cancel sky spors I would only save 1.75!

The commentaters are no way anywhere near as good as eurosport ones in any class!!

You also get all three classes and its on live not when the snookers finished!

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So its not just my opinion then.....

If it goes to the BBC it will be pants...

I know the adverts are annoying but its better than not seeing it at all...

And as for the coverage supplied by ITV last year.... Well I think they should be force to pay a fine for not giving the public value for money.... 3 laps of race one does not constitute highlites.... :evil:

I hope eurosport keep the rights but listen to the viewers and up their game....

Come on people start E-mailing Eurosport and get them to change..... :wink:

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I'm sorry. I don't like Eurosport. It smells of cheap. Tacky graphics, verbal diarrhoea commentators and far too many bloody adverts...

I'd go for quality over quantity any day. Although that Suzi Perry bird is getting on a bit. She must be almost my age...

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I'm not happy about the BBC getting the racing. The coverage on Eurosport is far superior and it is dedicated to the sport, whereas the beeb will shunt it at the first opportunity. In general, the commentators are better on Eurosport and they have cut right back on the ads during the racing.

And as for the lisence debate. I choose to pay for Sky, i am forced to pay for BBC. No other country has a tv tax like we do

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