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Bike cover, ( is it a scam? )


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It was questioned if advert regarding XYZCTEM motorbike covers was a scam or not,

It is not a scam, from my personal experience, I gave them my email account, they put the money to my PayPal account and I ordered cover on the amazon, actually they will overpay you by few quids,

Now regarding the cover, it is fair priced, I got 97 inch what is more than enough for superduke gt, could also keep top case it will cover it. So for every sports or naked bike more than OK, size smaller will be better. I can’t think of what bike size will need 107 inches cover.

I test it and it is waterproof definitely. Sims are well taped from inside so will not leak, only possibility for a leak are reflective patches. There are three ( I don’t see the reason why they put it, it will be better in my opinion without them), on one on them I found small drop of water. But I test it bit aggressive with the water hose and kept pressure quite high.

On the bottom, there are three tide down straps with backless, enough to keep it tight on the bike even during the strong wind, as well one additional long strap if you want extra tightening.

Generally it looks good, easy to set up and remove, personally if you use it to cover the bike for longer period of time on the open, I will use as well undercover, one that is used in the garage.

Now it will take a time to see how long it will last, my bike is garaged but sometime as I am lazy and keep it outside, covered,













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I got the same message and agree with all of the above. For the price it's a good bit of kit. I also got the 97 inch version which fits both the Bobber as an indoor winter cover and the CBF even with a large top box fitted.

Good quality material and we'll put together. The straps are all in the right places. It is a snug fit without being tight which feels like it won't go mad in windy weather. There is an extra strap in case of strong winds. But it is still light enough and flexible enough to chuck it into the top box for when I'm leaving the bike outside of visits.

Remains to seen how it will age in sunlight but the material looks good stuff.

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Until I read this I was going to ignore it. However I responded yesterday and low and behold the cash was in my PayPal account this morning. Seamless so far.

I have ordered the cover and will review.

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