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So, we’re looking to buy a small camper van / Motorhome, we’ve got a particular type in mind and one’s popped up on e-bay at a reasonable price...... However I’ve checked the MoT history and found this:




It shows a mileage of 28,560 on 24th March 2011 but only 6144 on 10th June 2011, so it looks like it lost about 22k in 3 months.

Is there any legitimate way this might have happened?

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Could be entered wrong on the system 36144 maybe?

How does the mileage climb on subsequent mot's

Or could have had a new set of clocks. Although there should be a paper trail.

Ask if they're claiming the lower mileage is correct. Could be there's an innocent explanation buried in amongst old paperwork/receipts......but I doubt it.

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Mistakes do occur in the system but I'd wonder why it had that second MOT within three months. It may be legit but that would make me go over it very carefully. One reason might be an accident damaged vehicle being put back on the road. Or it might simply have been traded in and then sold with a fresh ticket.

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The Ducato/Boxer model X250 are renowned for having faulty warning lights on the instrument panel. Ours had a new panel at 2 years old. They did set the mileage correctly on the new one mind.

PS X250 is 2006 to 2014

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Thanks for the replies.

The mileage seems to reset to 6k after 3 months from the First MoT & then climbs from there giving a total mileage of about 60k which us more than its being advertised at.

[mention]Fleck[/mention] it’s based on a Peugeot Partner, so don’t know if yet had the same issue.

The seller says it’s was bought from a reputable dealer 12 months ago by his elderly mother who can’t manage it now & has no service history.

I’ve emailed him about the mileage anomaly.

It could well be an error & the mileage at the 1st MoT should have been 2856 miles - a service history with old MoT’s would have shown this, also it’s not unknown for fresh MoT’s to be put on vehicles as a selling point, but I think I might give it a miss as it’s starting to sound a bit dodgy, I’ll see what the reply is line.

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