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A pannier rack for the garage

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My previous set of panniers lived in the garage, in a corner on the floor next to the fishing gear, and as a result they ended getting kicked and bashed from time to time. I'd bought them from ebay as a pair that had (just about) survived a crash, so the extra dents just added to their charm.

My current panniers, though, are brand new, so I'd wanted to give them a better home. So this is what I did today:





I used

  • 4 small aluminium coat hooks (ebay)
  • about 18 inches of heat shrink tubing
  • an offcut of pine, roughly 3" x 2" x just long enough
  • a couple of MDF strips that had come as packaging for something
  • screws and wall plugs


It's basically just two strips of wood screwed into the garage wall. The upper one holds the coat hooks. With my panniers, I had to be sure that the hooks were far enough away from the wall to reach reach under the panniers' luggage ties. The strip is made from the offcut with one of the the MDF strips screwed to its outer face. The MDF is optional: I'd added to make sure the coat hooks stood out far enough, but I also reckon it looks a lot better than the rough lump of timber underneath. The lower strip is just MDF; it's there to keep the panniers away from the wall where they might get scratched. The lower strip has be shallower than the upper one, to accommodate the panniers' shape.




The coat hooks are described as "single robe hooks" on ebay; they're the perfect size to fit under the luggage ties. I wrapped them in heat shrink to give them a soft surface that wouldn't mark the panniers. Don't really know why I chose red.




Here's the final result


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Look good. Sadly not having a garage my panniers basically live on the bike. On the rare occasion I take them off they get to lurk in the porch. Fortunately they look good on the bike and are not massive great aluminium trunks. They do the job though.

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Is there any meaning or message :angel12:


Yes.. its a joke aimed at a good friend. though if he spits his darjeeling at his computer screen then that might jeopardise our friendship, somewhat. :lol:


I think its hilarious, how just people find this things?

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