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Hey guys!


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Hey guys! Just a quick question how can you tell if your burning the clutch? It's just everytime when I go to a slower speed and then steadily feather the clutch just to find the biting point so I can position the bike to park it for example. I can smell something it might just be me being silly. I'm still a new rider I'm just wandering if anyone would have an idea? I just don't wanna damage my bike.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Wet clutches can take a lot of abuse because the oil cools them, and it'll also keep the smoke in so you don't notice it :lol:

I'd suggest it's just something getting hotter than normal because you're revving it while almost stationary, exhaust perhaps?

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Don't worry about damaging the bike . The clutch is a consumable part that can easily be replaced . I've burned out a few clutches in my time but I can't say that I've ever smelt one burning . £28 ! That's ridiculously cheap . The last clutch I had to buy was £185 . No special tools needed to fit it either by the looks of things .


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