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A2 or full bike licence

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Hi guys

Im just wondering would there be much point in me doing the full licence, im going to do my cbt drive a 125 for commuting, i rarely get to go above 40mph in the city so id be happy with just a 125 for a while but im thinking eventually of going for somthing a tiny bit bigger like an mt03 or duke 390 as this option is perfect for me as its still cheap tax and fuel and i wont have to run l plates, I already own an expesnsive suv so just trying to keep costs down, so my question is would it be worth while doing the a and if so how much extra would it cost me also is the test for the a much stricter than the a2, and finally once I attain the a2 do you still have to do a cbt every 2 years ? Sorry lot of questions but the biking lisensing laws are very complicated over here ive previously owned and driven in a different country cbr 600 suzuki bandit ect but obviously i have to start a fresh any help would be much apreciated

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The A1, A2 and A licence tests are all the same test, just done on different engine sized bikes, each one relates to a full licence for that category of the maximum motorcycle power output, costs do vary depending on the school you train with but the costs of the actual tests are the same, however if you pass a test on an A1 or A2 and you wish to go bigger you would have to take another test for category A or A2 if you passed A1, in principle doing the A would be best but not all riders are able to use the bikes provided for whatever reason, so it is best to find out what bikes are used and try and get to try them with a school :thumb:

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Thankyou so much guys, I think its best to go for the A then and just use a 300cc for my needs at least in the future if i decide to go up in size I dont have to resit a test, I was under the impression that each test would be different or one harder to pass than the other but now i know they are all the same so thankyou very much the internet is so full of misinformation its really hard to know what to take on board thanks guys

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