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How many attempts did your CBT take?

<t>How many attempts did your CBT take?</t>  

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  1. 1. How many attempts did your CBT take?

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Just following from another thread out of interest.

I know some will have ridden before so it's going to be subjective. I have also allowed multiple votes so you can include other halfs..

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Technically two days.

I threw the towel in about halfway through the day first time around just as we were practicing junctions etc getting ready for the road ride.

It was a sweltering day (not fun being in full gear and barely moving for hours on end) and I was just getting flustered, not confident at all. I called it, said I’d bank the remaining hours and come back next week with a fresh head on my shoulders (Did it in hiking boots first time around too, which did not help at all. Bought proper riding shoes for the second attempt).

Went back, repeated the earlier modules to gain more confidence and then went on to smash it. Actually did better than the the guy that was simply renewing his CBT.

My instructors did give me the option on both attempts to drop from a geared bike to a moped, but I did not want to simply ‘cheese’ the license on the first time around, I was there to actually learn how to ride my 125. To me, jumping on a moped to do that is like giving someone driving lessons in a Go-Kart and then giving them a full manual driving license. Pointless lol

Glad I took my time with it and had the maturity to say “I’m not ready for the road ride”. Did my confidence no end of good. Lady that was with me second time around whiskey throttled a 125, dropped the bike and crash landed, then dropped down to a moped and still passed with the intention of riding a 125 geared. Just dangerous if you ask me lol

Edit: Not dangerous that she managed to whisky throttle the bike and come off, newbie mistakes happen. But dangerous that she had maybe 10-20 minutes riding experience on a 125 that ended in disaster and is legally allowed to now ride one on the road.

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2 attempts

On my first attempt I was on a tall-ish bike and struggled to balance it. After about ten minutes on the thing the instructor made me get on a scooter and wouldn’t let me get back on the geared bike for the rest of the day :-?

Went to another instructor who had a much nicer and smaller bike, passed with flying colours :thumb:

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