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Learning projects (maintenance)


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I'm wandering what I should do next (when I have the time).

So far using this site, a Haynes manual, YouTube and Google I've learned how to;

Change oil and filters, replace clutch cable, clutch plates, unseize front break pistons, replace pads and rear break shoes, spark plug and a few other bits and bobs.

Valve clearances are next but while I've got the petrol tank off I'm replacing the rear break light switch (it's working but I believe the wires are loose or damaged as during break shoe change and re adjustment it stopped working. I had to twist it around the frame and cable tie it in place!)

Most of these were out of necessity but now I'm wandering what (if any) jobs should I try and do/learn next. The bikes a suzuki van van (09), over 25k miles on the clock and used all year round.

Anything else I can get done while the petrol tank is off?

I'm not looking to spend too much money but jobs that should be done (or checked etc) that are fairly inexpensive or just good to know jobs etc please.

I'm building up a decent tool kit and new skills :D

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I'd give the whole area under the tank a good look over. Clean it, check for frayed cables/deteriorating rubber etc.

Depending on the age and condition of the battery, maybe replace it.

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Credit to you for tackling what you've done so far. I think I'd stick to the principle of "If it's not broken don't fix it." The VanVan is a belting bike, I loved mine and only sold it when I needed to travel on the motorway regularly.

When doing the valve clearances on it err on the side of more gap than less. They like to sound a little tappy.

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