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Yamaha MT10 2019


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I've had the bike for a month now and covered just over 1000 miles, in all weathers from nice sunny days to monsoon like downpours, so thought I would give a quick update review, one has already been done by Geofferz which is quite comprehensive so this is just my two pennies worth ....

THE GOOD: If I was asked to describe the bike in human form I'd say it was like a city gent that bare knuckle fights at weekends! When you want it to be the bike is very well behaved, great for the commute to work and the shops, agile, and very nimble, it actually feels like a 600 rather than a 1k machine. Behind that well behaved exterior though the bike feels as if its almost daring you to twist the throttle, and when you do, be prepared for an arm wrenching, wheel lifting experience, this bike pulls! There are three traction control and rider modes, I've ridden the bike in all three, IMHO I would say that mode 1 is for track use, throttle response is quick in this mode and it turns the bike into a bit of handful, I tend to use mode 2 most of the time with mode 3 reserved for the really wet, leaf strewn roads. The brakes are efficient and do what I want them to do ... Stop the bike! Never had any problems in that department and have done some braking from relatively high speed. Suspension is pretty solid, again no issues, I've left everything set at standard and it suits my style of riding fine. The bike is very forgiving, we all, when getting astride a new bike, make a mistake from time to time, this machine has never left me feeling out of sorts or out of control. It handles flawlessly through the twisties and bends, but a word of caution, plan your entry and exit from the bend in advance, make sure you scrub enough speed off before entering the apex, bends seem to come up a lot faster than you realise! There isn't as much buffeting by the wind as I was expecting considering its an unfaired naked bike, I start to notice it around 65-70mph, I did a bit of research and spoke with someone who fitted a small sports screen, MRA screen from HPS, so I bit the bullet and bought one, this screen makes a massive difference, I'm not really experiencing any buffering at all now, so feel that this was money well spent and a good investment for the longer journeys. The bike is fitted with a quick shifter which I love using on my blasts over the mountain road, no issues to report there, its also fitted with an electronic steering damper, again, I've not had any tank slappers so can't report anything on how good it is "hope I never have to"!

THE BAD: Fuel consumption is my biggest gripe, it is crap! 17.5L tank and I get about 100 miles before the fuel light starts flashing, not sure how much farther it would go with the fuel light flashing but I don't risk it, I probably could get further if I rode everywhere in 6th gear and 30mph, but who buys a sports bike to ride like that! My other gripe is the seat, after about 40 miles I start getting a numb arse, I intend to counter that by fitting the comfort seat, that will have to wait till I get a bit more overtime! Other than those two issues I have nothing major to complain about.

THE UGLY: For me the ugly would have to be the well documented Yamaha tick! I've had it on Yam's before, caused by the automatic CCT, you can get rid if it by installing a manual one but that in itself can open up a whole new world of problems if you don't know what you're doing. In fairness the tick isn't as bad as my mates R1, as with my other Yam's I just live with it and after a while I don't even notice it. It's a Yamaha quirk, all bikes have them, it isn't doing any harm, just more of an annoyance.

MODS: Done a few bits over the month, Akro slip on, LED indicators, bar ends, HPS screen, bobbins, semi-rigid panniers, crash protectors, tail tidy, oil cooler and rad guard and R&G boot guard kit. I haven't gone down the road of decat and don't think I will, I like a nice engine note but don't like the noise to be obnoxious.

OVERALL: I absolutely love this bike, it never fails to put a smile on my face, and for me, that's what motorcycling is all about, ridden in all weathers and have enjoyed the ride regardless, really glad I went down the road of buying this bike, it would definitely rank it among one of the best bikes I've ever owned. IMHO again I don't think the bike would suit a novice rider, but get a bit of experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending this machine for commuting, the weekend bash with your mates or light to moderate touring.

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I've just sold my MT10 17 and I think it was one of the hardest things I have had to do. You're so right about it always putting a smile on your face. 

The woolwich race pack was one of my favourite mods. 

A little farewell video! 



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