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Chain and Sprocket?


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Hey all, been a long time since I’ve been online.

Recently had a small issue with my motorbike (ybr 125)

I basically just braked (front and back) and my steering started swerving, no tyre puncture and the garage can’t actually see anything wrong with it.

But then my partner suggested it could be the chain and sprocket, so my question is...

If your chain and sprocket was worn/loose, would that cause you to lose control of your steering?

All it did was swerve left to right (I had to physically balance myself) but I got my bike recovered just incase.


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This time of year the roads are very unpredictable. Leaves are starting to fall which creates a mush you can't always see. Or it could be a patch of diesel either on the road or you'd previously run through so it was on your tyres.

If it was a one off then it's likely to have been loss of grip.

A worn chain and sprockets is easy to check. They will cause issues but not usually loss of control under braking. If the workshop has checked the bike then I'd assume any obvious mechanical defect has been ruled out.

I had the front end go from under me in a puddle a few days ago. On the way back I noticed there was a drain grid in the middle of the lane right on the bend. I hadn't seen it under the water. Riding through the winter means the roads become more slippery and you have to ride accordingly.

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I agree with Mississippi, sounds like a momentary loss of traction, worn chain and sprocket shouldn't cause this to happen, it doesn't hurt though to check your chain condition, tension and alignment, easy to do, have a look at the sprocket for worn or broken teeth, also check that the wheels are properly torqued and tyre pressures are ok, TBH it sounds like just another of those crap winter road moments

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