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Hi guys what gloves do you guys use in the winter???

I am doing a 50mile a day round trip commute and i am getting a bit pig sick of having hands like red blocks of ice when i get in or from work. I am using moto cross gloves with 2 pairs of thinsulate gloves underneath and they just arent cutting it now.

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Richa Cold Protect have been voted number one winter gloves in several tests and polls.


I have these gloves and yes they do work quite well but if it's very very cold, you do feel cold fingertips after about an hours ride.


I have them too. Same result. But they're my warmest glove.

Heated grips are awesome. I've got some heated inner gloves, but hardly ever had to use them.

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Maybe not available from a UK supplier, however that does not mean they are not available in the UK, Royal Mail, UPS and others do a good job of getting them to you (at a cost) :?


are you suggesting he should order these? Have you a pair? Are these worth taking a risk on?

£210+ including delivery, duty and VAT. thats a big risk for a brand that's largely unknown in the UK.

Just because you can order from the states doesn't mean that it's wise to do so.

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In my considerable experience of riding in miserable weather, the very best things to use to prevent your hands from getting cold, wet and chapped up are...

Hand muffs.

I've been riding 20 odd years and sadly only cottoned on to these a few years ago :hammer: . I currently wear summer racer gloves all year round, wrist deep in muff.

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That price is a little bit above my budget at the moment. I have ordered some Richa cold protect ones.

And once my bonus from work goes in at the end of the month i am gunna invest in some Oxford heated grips.

The issue i have is 7-8 year ago me and the ex kept huskies, we rescued one who was an absolute nightmare. Long story made short me and the ex broke up a dog fight with 2 of our other dogs, the looney dog we rescued took a chunk out of my left hand very badly ie 2 surgerys and 60 stitches later. As a result the circulation in my left hand is absolute horrendous.

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100+ quid for a pair of gloves? Your having a giraffe.

Mine were under a tenner and are great...

Islero Premium Leather Gloves Motorbike Motorcycle Riding Fashion Warm Thermal winter (Large)



They'll be great until you come off :shock:

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