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Bandit gsf600s......750 engine???


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I have a lovely bandit 600 2001, its starting to become a bit unreliable on the engine side, Ideally i'd like to stick a gixxer750 engine into it, it has been done but i've got no idea what else i might have to change?

If i can replace the engine i want overhaul the original and sell it on, but the thought of a 750 :twisted: cor would be nice :wink:

Anyone got any ideas or thoughts on whether it is possible??


(my bike)

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I believe you can get a 880 big bore kit for them :shock: and they are

fasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst :shock: :shock:

remember if you do increase the engine capacity to inform the whole world

as failure to do so could result in total word destruction or something

along them lines :wink:

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:thumb: you the man,

Thank you very much. :D

The only prob is the price but thats still reasonable.

I'm still gonna look for a gsxr750 engine as there's some good runners going at couple of hundred but gotta dynojet the carbs and possibly adjust wiring???

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Guest philgale
Yea true, good point, surely cant be more than the price they're ripping me off with now? £800 third party fire and theft :cry:


you reckon???? check before you do anything, just ring them up and explain what your thinking of doing and get a quote.....then if its similar price go for it...if it comes out 3k then sack it off and buy a new bike for 3k if the engine is broken

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Bloody hell £800 tpft........how old are you ???

I got a quote for one of those for about £225'ish saying that i had JUST passed my bike test.

Am 29 btw.

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