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California Superbike School UK in liquidation


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I see that the UK franchise of the California Superbike School has gone bust. This is the UK franchise of Keith Codes schools teaching the content of twist of the wrist 1 and 2. Given the prices that they were charging I was surprised to read this but I guess the outgoings were astronomical. Not sure if the blame being put on brexit is valid.

Did anyone here ever attend? I was considering some track tuition myself guess it won't be here though

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This Bikemaster thing sounds interesting and it does include road riding as well as track but the cost!? Ouch.


But you add up.the cost of css..

However you do not end up with an industry recognised certificate as someone insurance companies recognise d level 2 css

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I’ve attended the first 2 levels and really rated the course, while track focused I believe it helped my road riding significantly.

It’s a real shame to see this occur, I wonder if they had to pay royalties to the US company?

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I was emailed today about their liquidation sale. This is the first I knew about the company going into liquidation.

My sympathies are with the employees.

However, I felt compelled to join this forum and air my opinion on their statement.

I have done all 4 levels of their courses so have had experience with them. The staff admin staff were very friendly and MOST of the coaches were professional. Unfortunately, I had to redo my Level1 course because it was so badly organised and so badly marshalled with a small group of riders behaving recklessly and dangerously on track. I was almost involved to two collisions and spoke to 7 or 8 other students on the day who had had near misses, almost resulting in punches being thrown. I refused the last session and made my displeasure clear. Im not a pussy and Im not a slow rider either.

Furthermore, their courses were just too damn expensive. I got a lot of Level 1, less from Level 2, even less from Level 3 and Level 4 was a complete and utter con. An absolute rip off. There was almost zero interaction with the staff and the coaches had little interest because their time is taken up with Level 1 students (who number about 20-1 compared to Level 4). Level 4 was marketed as 1-2-1 specialist training, or 1-2-2. This is absolute bollocks. I honestly reckon my on track coach spent perhaps 10 minutes all day with me.

For anyone who has ever done SCUBA diving, CSS is run exactly like PADI (Im a qualified Instructor). Put-Another-Dollar-In. Its a treadmill of constant upselling.

Too dear, not a good enough product, too greedy, and several of the coaches are under the impression that they are superstars. What they were, were self indulgent egotists.

Secondly, Like other companies, they have jumped on this anti Brexit bandwagon, citing no evidence whatsoever. Brexit hasn't even happened. It may well have done a few years ago if ALL of the parties had respected their manifestos when they ALL said that they would 'honour the result of the referendum'. Instead we have had 3 1/2 years of lies, manipulation, unconstitutional behaviour, collusion, even the Speaker had private talks with separate member states, which is against the law. The Benn act circumnavigated all parliamentary procedure and scrutiny and was passed unlawfully with legislation put in place to prevent its opposition. The list goes on and on and on. Irrespective of one's politics, no one in this country can defend any politicians deliberately and wilfully ignoring the results of a vote and manipulating democracy with bogus statutory instruments.

Last year, I decided to quit riding after 30 years and sold my two Ducatis. It was a very difficult decision and felt like I was selling part of my identity. However, biking in the UK has become less and less fun. I used to go out a 6am to be back before all the Sunday drivers, farmers and police, but even that wasn't working. The next step was sell the road bikes and just stay in the track but i eventually lost interest.

Im not the only one, I think less and less of us are riding these days. This would also have an effect on CSS.

Im sorry for the staff who are losing their jobs, but as for the company, I'm not bothered. Their heads were up their arses.

Hopefully someone else will step into their shoes and provide a similar product at a more realistic price. I invested £2000 with them and got about £250 worth of value. THAT is why they've gone under. Fekk em.

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