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Ninja 400


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I was looking at the ninja 400 at the NEC and I must say I was rather disappointed!

Remembering the days of the zxr 400 and that it was a track focused pocket rocket and that the ninja 400 is all A2 compliant with almost 20hp short on the zxr 400 and the riding position is more suited to old codgers with bad backs!

It's a bit of a shame really as I could have see it as a really good track tool unless the engine can be de restricted and new lower clipons!

I can't help but think it may be a step backwards for a 400 even though it really is a leap forward as they had took all 400's off the market!

So what do you guys think of it? do you reckon it will do as well as the zxr400





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I guess it's what the market wants - riding positions are more upright than in the 90s, and if you have a full licence you may as well get a 600. So it's good for a2?


As I say it is made to be A2 compliant so yes I can see the market! the zxr400 wasn't made to be compliant with any restrictions!

I would have though they would have made more power then restrict them to be A2 compliant :?

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Always liked the 400's , pocket rockets really, dont think I ever showed the finished Babyblade , so here it is before and after the rebuild




I was never keen on honda's range to be honest! they just never did it for me!

ZXR all the way 8-)

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Not really a fan of the older bike or classic , they look what they are dated, although in thier day they would of looked the nuts .


I suppose it depends on what bike it is, There is some really good looking older bikes that haven't really dated.

of the 400 range the zxr had the best looks IMO but the new one does look good just a bit lacking in the nuts department!

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In terms of looks I really prefer the looks of the nineties sports and sports tourers. Once they lost the boxiness and before everything became half naked and angular.

My first ever ride was a pillion on a zxr400 in about 1993.

I nearly bought one as my first big bike but then fell I love with the one I bought.

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I really loved the look of the ZX7R years ago, I remember it's purple wheels and twin headlights 😍


I always wanted the zx7r but fell in love with the TL1000s instead 8-)

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