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Poor Electrical Connections on Oxford Heated Grips


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I have Oxford heated grips on my Hornet.

The power cable runs under the fuel tank and connects up to the connection plugs from the control unit. 1. Left Hand Grip, 2. Right Hand Grip and 3. The power.

The connectors are white plastic with a small clip to hold together. The power connector is obviously a little loose or perhaps corroded. I CBA going to the trouble of removing the connectors and either soldering or fitting better connectors if I can help it. So, is there such a thing as some kind of gel that can be put into the connections to make a better circuit or something like that? I hope. That makes sense.

Thanks in advance.

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My experience is that if you've got a dodgy connection there's no magic snake oil remedy. You might as well grasp the nettle and do it properly. Less grief in the long run, and safer.


I think I knew the answer really but was in denial. Frustrating as only been on bike 9 months. Poor quality fittings. They were cheap as I gather they are older style fittings and the newer ones are better with a screw and seal washer.

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People rave about DeoxIT, a spray which takes the oxidation off contacts. You could then fill the connectors with ACF50 or something to make sure water can't get in again.

Depending on the exact connector you may even be able to remove the female pins from the plastic part and crunch them in a bit for better contact.

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