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Had an Off, need a couple of replacements


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Ok I had a small high side and as a result have a broken thumb.

Bike has a little damage, right indicator and brake lever is broken. Exhaust has some scratches and some of the plastic is scratched.

So I have thought about getting some LED indicators. Amazon has a lot of cheap ones do I thought i might give some a go.

Kinstecks [New Version] 4PCS Motorcycle Indicators Flowing Turn Signal Lights Motorbike Turning Indicators Daytime Running Lights Brake Lights 12V for Motorcycle Motorbike https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07T2YR63L/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_0.S6Db03N990C

What are people's thoughts on these?

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Thanks Rich

I get that the Chinese parts are possibly not the best quality but for the price I feel they might be worth a punt.

Just noticed the link I posted are the progressive ones, not sure about those.

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You'll also need an LED relay to fit your bike or they won't flash properly.

I got replacement indictors for my Sachs I restored but choose bulb ones rather than led to have less hassle with resistors etc..sorry about ur off :cry:
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Thanks all.

For about £26 you can get the indicators, resisters and relay. So still a fairly cheap option.

Also need some levers. Tbh I wanted to replace the stock ones anyway so they are a bit large. Again want some cheaper alternatives that will not interfere with the bar end mirrors (turned inwards as I need to get through my side gate).

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Sorry to hear about the off! I fitted those exact ones last night and am really impressed! [strikeout]Luckily you've got the in-line resistors already due to having LED lights already so its really easy to do.[/strikeout] Sorry, I initially read the post wrong

On closer inspection, I just had the indicator ones for £8.99 (Amazon made the £7.99 at checkout) and was very dubious as it was cheap and had no reviews but I'm very glad i went for them



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