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I’ve seen a 1998 zzr600 that I’m contemplating buying as a second bike. I’m planning on using it along with my other bike for commuting but also considering using it for a track day or two in the summer.

Has anyone owned one and if so would you recommend. I appreciate it’s an old bike now so would I be constantly tinkering or would it be reasonably reliable? The bike I’m looking at has done 30k, would any major work be needed at this mileage?

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I have a 1990 zzr600. I love it. It’s comfy, can be quick if I want. I bought mine with 16000 miles on the clock. I commute roughly 300 miles a week at the moment along motorway, urban A roads and more town like bits. I enjoy it all. Any specific questions?


How do you find filtering? Is it a bulky bike? And what range do you get off a tank?

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i have never worried about the fuel consumption on a bike, years ago i had a 72 range rover v8 now that worried me needless to say a month after i bought it the thing was back in autotrader and was sold never to be seen again thank god :thumb:

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It’s not as bulky as it seems. What do you ride normally?

I can filter pretty comfortably now. Took me a few weeks to get used to it. I don’t have a lot to compare it to, I’ve ridden 125, a cb600f and an NC750. NC750s was probably slightly more nimble. The bike has length to it. Swapping from between two lines of traffics across one to a different gap between two lanes is not the easiest but not problematic if I have to.

As for mileage I get between 11 and 12 miles to the litre. The lights for fuel start to flash after about 10 litres but the tank size is supposed to be 18 litres so although the lights come on at 120 miles ish theoretically I could go another 60. I haven’t braved carrying on after the lights flash for that far yet. Maybe next time they do I will look in the tank.

I ride reasonably calmly. I do pull away from the line/lights etc but I really don’t push it so I am quite economical.

If I really want to have fun I get less obviously. When I want to have fun it is ace and does pull. Feel free to ask more, I could talk about my bike all day. There are bound to be negatives. There must be.

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