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12 months and 13,000 miles since my test.


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I passed my A licence on 20 December 2018. After the first 12 months and 13,000 miles. Some observations in no particular order.

Gyroscopic force is real. I used to think that it was made up science as far as bikes are concerned. Now when I approach a tight spot while filtering, I always drop a gear to raise the RPM, Keep both feet on the pegs. ALL the braking is on the rear. I have to remind myself not to drag the brake.

I haven’t dropped it although it did fall over. Engine off, no one riding and I was next to it on the wrong side to do anything except slow it down. No damage. Frame sliders save paint.

I’m not convinced that “loud pipes save lives” but in traffic, drivers usually hear the guy behind me.

All the power in the world won’t get you through traffic faster than a scooter, but I still don’t know why scooter riders dangle their legs.

Cheap Waterproof gear .....ain’t

I tried the riding position on a cruiser/bobber, albeit a small one. Ugh! Sports all day long.

It’s not the speed I enjoy as much as the process of riding a bike.

I didn’t think about oiling the chain before I bought a bike – even though I’m a cyclist.

My insurance company has no distinction between 15,000 and 30, 000 miles. They don’t care about the alarm. Only the immobiliser. If you already have that, a Datatool won’t drop your quote. The insurance for a VFR800 costs less than for a CBR500R …with less than half the HP.

Buy electronic goods in the country you intend to use them otherwise you have a cross border multi lingual warrantee issue.

I got bored with Yammie noob, I even got bored with itchyboots. If Ryan F9 made more content I might get bored of that too.

I get much better Miles per gallon than advertised.

Car tyre garages won’t touch bike tyres – even off the bike.

Yeah Ok, my bike is too small. In my defence I bought it as a trainer to learn how to really work a bike. At that time I didn’t have a 25 mile commute. To ride on a 1 or two hour trip at the weekend at 70 – 80MPH is ok but not every day. New year, new bike!

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