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Ian Frog

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Credit where credit is due.

Sunday noticed battery on Hayabusa was very sluggish and as its probably original and she is vey low mileage 2005 I thought I would bite the bullet and replace.

Checked various places online and Wemoto as reasonable as anyone else for Motobatt and as I have used them before ordered online.

Yesterday (Monday) morning email saying order being processed low and behold delivered 0900 this morning.

Brilliant I thought especially at this time of year.

Any dry weather over the break and I will fit and go for a play.



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Cheers for that!

I think we should let people know when organisations do well as they are the ones we should support.

Especially if they are home grown.

These days it is so easy to buy with a click without noticing you have just given trade to some far east company.

Not patriotic as such but I like my money to stay with good traders preferably employing locally.



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Used them for years . They have a good website that enables you to see exactly what they do or don't do for your particular bike . They also have a telesales department with real people that you can actually talk to . They are happy to physically go and check availability if stock is low and will describe a product to you if need be . Delivery times are good and they always include a little free gift such as a notepad or key fob . And long may they continue . By the way Wemoto is short for World's End Motorcycles . https://www.wemoto.com/about

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Indeed, used them a few times and the service is exceptional. The quality is a bit of a mixed bag though, some things are great (Sunstar sprockets in particular!) and others can be really rubbish (don't buy the cush rubbers, they disintegrate in a matter of weeks).

I like how they will get OE bits in as well so you can order the lot from one place.

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