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Do I change from Monokey to Monolock?

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New bike. New problem. The new one came with a Monokey top box. My last bike was Monolock and I will keep the box when I sell (they don't add value).

I could just go with it except this Monokey box is huge and the old Monolock one was just big enough for a helmet or my sandwich box.They don't seem to make a small Monokey box. The VFR has no storage at all so I still need .... something, even if I don't want an actual top box. ( there must be a market for a teardrop box)

I could switch the mounting plate to a Monolock style but they aren't as robust (although the actual mounting systems are both bullet proof.).

I need some informed opinions.

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I thought this was going to be about max speed, I can't remember which is which but the cheaper one definitely allows enough cough speed even overloaded. Having bought the cheaper one after 4 years of owning it the bracket to the bike has gone rusty. Sorry I can't help with your decision, stick with what you've got. You can always take it off and just use a back pack.

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Monolock has always been aimed at scooters for the most part as they usually have underseat storage, 125cc bikes etc. Monokey is more 'proper' luggage for touring. Often looking and acting like suitcases when off the bike and can generally take 1 or 2 full face helmets regardless of size with space for gloves and so on to spare. It's been a common complaint for years, people with big bikes who want a small top box can't get them easily with the proper mount, instead having to go for the generic universal mount which isn't as satisfactory.

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I want the choice of a big box or a smaller box depending on what I'm doing so I stuck with monolock. Despite what is said about monokey being for faster bikes I have travelled many miles at motorway speeds and never had a monolock case fall off the bike.

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