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Theory Test App plus direct access

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I’ve got to crack on and get my full license training underway in the new year.

Can anyone recommend a theory test app or a very good learning aid to get through the theory test part 1st ?. Quite a few things to choose from on line, but what’s tried and tested or worth getting to help.

Also, is the direct access route a short intensive course best method of approach or should I just book a pile of tuition time with a good instructor on a 600cc. I’m currently running about on a 125 and although I obviously lack years of bike experience I feel confident enough to want to get on and ride something bigger. I’ve been a 4 wheeled road user for many years so that part of it isn’t so new.

Many thanks for any pointers in the right direction.

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Have a lesson at a good school and ask them, we have no clue of your ability :)

Das works for some and not for others, I did in-between das, I couldn't take time out for intensive course so they gave me discount on lessons, worked out cheaper than das if you take out cost of 125 I bought to practice u turns lol, das wouldn't have helped with that.

Good luck

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Well, I can ride the 125 I currently have okay-meaning I’m fairly confident in traffic and all the low speed stuff. So if I’m intending to move on to something bigger and build more experience I might as well be doing that on a bigger (600cc and above) bike. I think to get an ‘A’ licence you’ve got to practice and take your test on a 600cc bike anyway ?.

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I used https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.deepriverdev.motorcycle.hpt the free version on my phone. Really useful for passing the theory test questions and, er, free. I also took out a month subscription to the dvsa online for the hazard perception part when I had a test date and this allowed me to practice hazard perception and also more theory question practice. https://www.dvsalearningzone.co.uk/shop/motorcyclists

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