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Hi and welcome to the forum

It says on the battery quick charge 3A x 1H which means at 3 Amps it will take an hour

I reckon this may well be the max it could take and with your charger being 4 Amp I wouldn't risk it!

Unless its a smart charger and designed for bikes then that way they know how much charge to put in and at what rate

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yeah ofc , i have to add yet that battery have 4 month


Eh? That makes no sense to me.

If the battery is very flat, anything under 12volts, then it won't take charge off a conventional charger. You need to prime it at something under 500Ma. A cheap plug in gel cell charger will do that no problem. You need to raise the voltage back to 12 volts before it will take a charge.

But as Stu says, you really want a charger specifically for bike batteries, usually with an output less than 1 amp. If you don't ride regularly get a maintenance charger that can be left connected. A CTEK 0.8 for example.

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