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for sale mens leather jacket 44

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for sale mens leather jacket size 44 by max mph, the jacket is all in black with no armour it has a single fastening zip at the front and zipped cuffs with two outside zipped pockets, (the left hand side zip tag has been replaced with a ring pull) it has two inside pockets one zipped and one open, and the arms are part kevlar and it has four zipped air vents (two front and two rear) the jacket has a black quilted lining with a pocket for a back protector , i would also say that the jacket is a small size 44 and it is in good condition and has been coated with renapur leather balsam so £45 plus pp ono thanks

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stuff this posting photos i will stick with text :scratch: anyway if anyone fancys it there is one on fleabay the same jacket with photos, the only thing different with mine is; i have taken the straps off the arms, removed the max mph patches (they were made of rubber and made the jacket look cheap) and removed the jacket to pants zip and the strap at the bottom of the main zip all carefully removed so no damage to the jacket

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Guest Richzx6r

Sounds like you are as bad with technology as me, when you click reply to post underneath save draft, preview and submit is options and attachments tabs.

In attachments tab you can post pics :thumb:

I only know because iv recently been told

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Click on reply and scroll down and click on "attachments"


pics 1.png


Then click "add files"


pics 2.png


find the image on your computer and either double click it or click on it then click open


pics 3.png


And a special bonus for [mention]Six30[/mention]

If you're not adding any text to the post click on place inline or if you want to add it halfway through a post click add inline


pics 4.png

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You are using the img tags which are for externally hosted images but there is no code between them!

if you follow my instructions above you should figure it out

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