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Off this saturday 19th....anyone up for it????


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right found out today i got a weekend off at last, well a saturday anyway

so time to plan a meet....i propose matlock bath (for a change ;) ) but if anyone else has any good ideas post them below...

so come on whos up for it?

admin could you please add the whatsit at the top where you say yes im coming or bugger off phil keep your silly ideas to yourself bit....thanks

Edited by philgale
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hairy sacks.....the only weekend i get off and your all busy....

stu....call in sick, techno just come anyway change plans....and keef your safe enough sack the course off and come....


My daughter needs somewhere to sleep.....but heres an idea you get a better job where ya dont work weekends....then ya getevery weekend off :wink:

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why not come down south a bit more to Huntingdon????. Bit of a run for some of you but I did it up to Matlock not long back in around 3 hours (if my memory serves me well) . Could put one or two up overnight if needed. Open day at my local dealers and some great runs for Sunday morning

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rubbish....just noticed

can admin please add the thingy at the top again, i edited the title and it deleted it....



done for ya phil :thumb:

oh and if i got the day off i still wont be able to go :cry:

bike is out of MOT :shock:

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willow going to cat'n'fiddle thats me in the car with the kids then :roll:

As for the ace, could do suzuki sun again this year :D


sounds a bit like last time akey!!!!!!!!

only i hope it's warmer than it was in january!!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

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