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This has probably been asked lots, but scrolling through i cant see a thread about it.

I've got a Pioneer Torro 125 with a knakered battery. Now the battery thats on there now is a cheap generic 12v 6ah one... due to circumstances I'm trying to find the cheapest option and it seems 6ah is probably the most expensive out there... so my question is, is there going to be much difference if i opt for the cheaper 5ah battery?

thank you in advance

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Tayna batteries are the best I've found for having an enormous selection of batteries at good, or best, prices.

They don't list Pioneer as a motorcycle make and 12v 6Ah isn't enough detail to identify a battery. If there's more detail on your current battery this may help you identify a replacement from Tayna (other battery suppliers are available :D)

I would be wary of replacing a 6Ah battery with a 5Ah battery unless I was sure that:

a) It was of similar dimensions - ie it was going to physically fit the bike without forcing it or having it rattling about.

b). It was a battery suitable for motorcycle use. A "leisure" battery won't supply the Cold Cranking Amps to start your bike

c) 5Ah is going to be strong enough to supply your bike's electrical requirements - the bike came with a 6Ah battery for a reason.

So, try to find more detail from your current battery. Then measure length, depth and height. Then search the Tayna website for a motorcycle battery for a 6Ah battery which will fit (smaller could be OK if you use packing material to stop it rattling about). Lithium batteries are great, but expensive .....

I realise you are looking for the cheapest battery, but if it doesn't fit or start your bike it will just be grief - and another buy.

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