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it looks like it just points in the direction you need to go.. and that will be fine with left right turns... and so on. but what about a complicated junction?

I can see it being alright on a pushbike as you will be going quite slowly anyway and have plenty of time for the pointer to sort itself out. But on a motorbike? Im not so sure.

Seems better to me at least to have a 2 dimensional image, a map, of every junction so you can actually see where you are going in advance, see the layout of every junction - in advance. rather than just following a pointer.

and its not exactly cheap for such a low level of functionality. Looks like the phone is doing all the work and just sending a signal: point that way, to the device. On a motorbike.. why not just use the phone and get more info.

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I do use Sat Nav apps but I also enjoy seeing the bigger picture . The piece of drainpipe enables me to slide the map in and out of my luggage without disturbing anything else . There's just something more satisfying about studying a map and then relating it to the real world.


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I have tried phone apps and found them distracting. I like maps but hate stopping every junction to check where I'm going. When I think I will remember a route I always take a wrong turn and get lost.

I have Garmin cycle sat nav which has the capacity to plan a route that I quite like but it's not terribly user friendly and it won't work on a motorbike.

The bit about the Beeline I can't trying is that you can either navigate by compass direction which might be fun on a tour. Or you can plan a route, add waypoints, but then not be bothered by too much detail.

I also like the long battery life which means it can be transferred from bike to bike with no need for wiring.

It's the bit about it showing which exit at the next roundabout that I'm not sure if it works as well as they claim.

The question is, does it work as well in the real world as they claim?

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Has number to indicate which exit at a roundabout but that could be interesting while navigating joined up roundabouts when you should be watching the traffic, also has a fork icon to identify your exit on m/ways etc.

It will probably be good 95% of the time but keep away from complicated junctions lol, best you buy one and let me know :thumb: :D

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I read about them briefly when they were being crowd funded or whatever it was. Thought I'd wait and pay more if they were actually any good, the testers seem to like them so I might order the special offer one that you get the case and extra charger with £159 but out of stock at the moment 🙄

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I nearly bought one as I couldn't find a way to sensibly get my phone in a waterproof mount and charge it at the same time. They looked pretty good but in the end I bought a tomtom rider 550 world as it offered so much more for half as much again. Really happy with it.

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