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Bike registered incorrectly?


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Hey guys,

Quick question. I own a Honda CB125R. When I purchased it from the dealership, I noticed a different model name on the registration papers when they came through, though I am pretty sure I googled it and my bike did come up, so assumed perhaps it was traded under different names...Thought nothing of it.

Anyway (I will cut a long story short), I am assessing the market and looking to sell it soon, And while checking the value of the bike on sites that specialize in buying peoples bikes, when i enter the reg it is coming back as a Honda CBF125 ..Not the Honda CB125R that it actually is.

The price quotes I am getting from these websites are exceptionally low, even after factoring the huge price cuts these sort of companies inflict, and now I feel like these two things are connected...Sounds like the dealership I bought the bike from (Bought it brand new) has perhaps cocked up registering it maybe? If so...what are the implications here? Have I/Will I been/be riding around illegally if this is the case?

Cheers guys,

(Dont have my bike documents to hand at the moment to double check as I am away travelling, But 90% sure it did not say CB125R on the documents either)

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Just occurred to me, when you google CBF125's for sale, you see the odd 'CB125R's sprinkled in under the same name.

Perhaps the CB125R is just the latest CBF125 Model, but primarily traded as CB125R's? I dont know. Seemed odd. When on the phone to the companies mentioned, I got the impression they were struggling to understand what model the bike was too, asking several times etc

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The CB125R has an official designation as CBF125NAJ - for example if you use https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history, it'll show up as Honda CBF. FWIW I got £2700 trade-in for my '69 plate, and that was the upper price because I was trading in against a new bike. Of course I was sure everyone was wrong and I'd definitely keep the 125 for a year at least ... :)

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