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Yorkshire incursion from Kendal - 24th April 08

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Ok, i'm off Thursday 24th April, so IF the weather is good, i'm gonna stretch the bandit's legs on a ride into Yorkshire.

Initial planned route is Kendal - Harrogate - Masham - Hawes - Sedbergh - Kendal.

Anyone who fancies coming along or meeting for a brew on the way - just let me know!

Obviously if it's lashing it down, i ain't going anywhere, but short of that i'll be out.


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hi were abouts do u live i have just bought my bandit 600 and live near wirral ?

TH EDT: Yamaha 11021934

Possibly the most diverse manufacturer (bikes, cars, airplanes, boats and adorable robots), the area code if you were going to call the Queen in her official Scottish residence


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I just knew it, was gonna see if anyone off :lol: ..its my birfday then and I have booked the night off so I can have a blast so if weather is ok I will defo be up for part of that...apart form the fact its a top route!

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Ok, the weather looks OK for Thursday, so the plan is this:

I'll be riding from Kendal past Devils Bridge (may stop if the brew van is there) down the A65 then A59 towards Harrogate.

Meeting Techno & anyone else who fancies it at The Sun Inn, Fewston at 12.30 for some food.

Then riding to Hawes via Ripon and Masham (poss stops in Masham and/or Hawes for brews).

I'll then be riding back home to Kendal either through Sedbergh or down to Ingleton and back along the A65.

All are welcome, and the more the better!

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That is a major bu-hugger mate. You can get your own back at the weekend when i'm working!

If it's even half decent i'm still on for this ride.

There is a weather report depicting a large band of rain travelling from west to east across the country in the morning, but should be clear by about 11am, which will still give me time (easily) to get to The Sun for half 12.

Anyone else (i know techno is) still up for this?

Anyone planning on meeting me over this side of the country for the ride to Harrogate?

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Just had a pm from techno and everyone's getting p*ssed on, so it's a no go today.

Bit of an bummer, but never mind. Looking forwards, i'm off on the bank holiday weekend in a couple of weeks, possibly do this route on one of those days.


hopefully it wonr t be pi55ing it down then too

I'm wanting to do a longer run and was looking forward to it, just don't fancy being soaked.

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