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The story so far ( its sorted!!)


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I fitted the resistors parallel to the new positives and the old earths and the indicators do it, also the idiot lamp works, didnt touch the front indies, they must be driven by the back, also when i turn on my headlight/backlight the just keep flashing like theyre meant to.


Cheers everyone that helped, I wish I had time to name you all but I'd like to thank Nigelf, Stu_m, Stuart and not forgetting Houdini, mostly emotional support, without him I wouldnt be the man I am today :lol:



God help me

There was an old Red Alert alarm system on the bike when I bought it, bloody murder it was, I ripped it out partially one night at 3 in the morning. Yesterday I thought sod it, I'll rip the rest of it out, now my bike seems to want to be a Ducati, sounds like only two cylinders are firing, and it wont idle. Bought one of those multimeters today, looked at the instructions......


Normal people shouldnt be allowed to buy them things, I'm for gun control and multimeter control too

I think Ive just got to follow the wires from the plugs to the starter and see if the bast*rd that fitted the alarm put a start breaker in there somewhere or does anyone have a better plan.

I'm begging here, for the sake of my family get my bike going again :cry:

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Right bud (oh thanks for the emotional support bit, my shoulder's ringing lol)

the multimeter was for the indis mostly, to check your power was getting through and as a sideline check your alternator.

But because your a big fella who lost his temper youve stumbled into the great big void called bikealarmdom :roll: . Now I really do insist yer bike is taken to someone who knows what the hell theyre doing because Ive got an alarm on the car, didnt even know it had one lol til the thing started screaming, I pulled it out dutchmick stylee only to have the immobiliser kick in and I couldnt start it, plug everything back in, hope to god it wont go off again and hey presto it works.

But your fetish for recycling various bits off yer bike at 3am means you cant do that, so now you need to trace it all back and surgically remove said organ.

Either take it to an alarm dealer and ask them or download the instruction manual for that alarm to see if you can do reserve instructions, read em upside down lol.

When I traded my last bike in I thought it had a crackin alarm but they binned it, reckoning most fail. My local dealer says the same, a padlock and chain dont go haywire and they are forever having bike in to sort out bodged wiring.

I got the kleenex buddy 8)

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Ive just checked what I had left of it, there was a name underneath the sensor, Ricar Systems Nederland, Ive done a check on them and theyre out of business


That's alarming! 8)

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Took the tank off, checked the plugs, according to the multimeter they had power. Started ripping off the black tape from the wiring that was attached to the pld alarm plugs, 2 yellow wires ( BANANA) led me to the IC Ignitor, there the wire from the pick up coil as shown in the wiring diagram had been cut and and these yellow wires were spliced in.

Now I'm not stupid, really, I'm not........I thought Hang on, pick up coil, engine isnt really picking up just running on two cylinders and those wires look very suspicious indeed. Cut em out of the loopl, stuck the two ends of the black wire together AND...............................IT WORKS!!!!!!!

I AM A GENIUS!!!!!!!!

The wifes so happy, I might even crack a smile this week, you should have seen me jumping round the garden, right sight

Thanks everyone for your help and well meant tips, I love you all, especially one guy that must remain nameless to protect the innocent, I just like to call him Harry the escape artist :wink: :wink: :wink:


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call him Harry the escape artist :wink: :wink: :wink:


He a newbie? why hasnt he said hello

8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

You know I love ya sugar lumps, glad its sorted, now maybe we can talk about sommit else in chat :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hmm lets think of topics...

How about a power commander / dynojet kit for yours, now that yer a moto genius? :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

I need help fitting my resistors still lol, wasnt paying attention in class during that lesson lol

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