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Anyone out riding in the Cumbria/lancashire area this week..

Guest WalneyFrankie

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I've got a week off work 26/4-05/5, and would love to take the bike out, haven't decided when and where, but if anyone fancies a ride out through Cumbria/lancs, then i'll make plans..

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Possible route Kendal - A6 Penrith - Keswick - brew stop (cafe on car park behind pedestrain area/the coffee lounge) - B5289 honister pass - cockermouth - A5086 Egremont - A595 Broughton.

additions: 1 Barrow to Kendal - Katana650, 2 Broughton to Kendal - Jade Mongoose


is Dragolith available?

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Copied from aniother site


Hi everyone, my dad and our local pub are organising a charity event in may, it will take place sunday 4th of may as it is a bank holiday on the 5th. We will be doing a charity ride starting at 11am on the sunday from our local (the old farmhouse, ulverston, cumbria) where there will be hot buns and brews available before the ride and we will be riding to devils bridge kirby lonsdale. then up through the yorkshire dales to hawes, from there we will be going to windermere lake and all around it, then to consiton lake and back to ulverston. its about 150 miles we think. we will meet at about 9am on the sunday and there will be bacon buns etc on sale from which all proceeds will go to the charities, have a general crack before setting off on the ride. the ride will end at the old farmhouse where there will be a pig roast on (free pig bun for all riders on return) there will also be entertainment which i need to find out more about. it will cost £5 per rider and £4 per pillion to partake of which will all go to charity and the day should be a good day in general. because it is being organised by the pub and my dad the proceeds will go towards two different charities. unfortunately one of my dads best friends has passed away today, he was a great fan of riding and bikes in general, he died of cancer half of the funds will be going to an oncology unit in barrow in furness (furness general hospital) and half will be going to inshore rescue. we have done charity events before such as one for our good mate banger torkington who unfortuantely had a motorcross accident which left him disabled and also a charity event for a girl named jessica who was born with a disability that affected her face so she could not smile, both of these events among others were very very successful, we only hope this one is just as successful. cancer is something that affects a lot of people in a lot of ways and the work that the inshore rescue do is absoloutely invaluable, myself, my dad and the local pub hope that everyone who hears about it will lend their support and come to the event, even if not to ride just to be there. since joining this forum i have found a great sense of community and the most helpful genuine characters you could ask for. everyone is welcome to the event and i hope to see you there. any questions just ask or even phone me on 07717373291. cheers boys and girls. craig

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Gixxergal - See North West & Wales, Ulverston run 4th May.


Wednesday 30 April 2008

- 5 Passes ride out, taking in Barrow, Kendal, Keswick, Ambleside, Broughton. see map for info.

PASSES are Kirkstone, Honister, Whinlatter, Wrynose & Hardknott,


Kendal to Kendal 147 miles

Barrow to Barrow 168 miles.

Jade Mongoose, i'm leaving Barrow for ten, i'll meet you in Kendal (ASDA).. 1100

But i'll be bugging out shortly after Broughton so you got the run back on the A590 your on your own.. at least the bypass is finished..

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I just use the shafty to slow my descent...

just checking i can find all my gear,

map check,

tankbag check,

camera check,

bottle,, has anyone seen my bottle... lol

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I have a freind who went AWOL through a hedge, funniest bit is his mate following laughed so much he followed his line... through the hedge.. quality.

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OK, don't mean to piddle on the parade, but as the weather this morning seems to be doing that for me-


Been raining most of the night, and it's gonna rain most of the day n'all.

In fact, I think we should stop organising rides for Wednesdays, as they always seem to attract the naff weather.

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You guys passing today then?

I dont like organising ride's. I prefer to get up on a weekend and see the weather is nice, then go out! :lol:


Ahh, the sensible way.....

Yes, i think we'll give it a miss this once! Was just saying to Simon, it's all very well going out and getting caught in a shower, but to go out knowing you'll get soaked just for the sake of it...

Cue the angry responses of 'I ride in any weather, you pansy' :lol:

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Haha! Me and Simon (Katana650) made it out for a ride today, from Kendal to Keswick then back over Kirkstone pass. Here's a few piccies from the top of Kirkstone Pass.





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