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Squires - Saturday 3 May

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Looking at the weather forecast (yes, I know how unreliable they are :?) it seems like Saturday is the best day for a rideout.

I'll have little legs as pillion so does anyone fancy a steady ride up to Squires?

Meet at South Cave Service Station at 11.00am (or earlier if you prefer), head up to Squires via Howden / Selby, and then back via Bubwith, HOSM. Depending on the weather, we could head up to Fridaythorpe too.

I'll be offline until Friday afternoon, but will check in then and see if there's any interest :D :thumb:

All of the above does depend on whether my bike passes it's MOT :lol:

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:thumb: well me and little legs will be the ones wearing Orange and black :D


Where is South Cave services, and don't say south Cave. :spank:

Me and little Dave will wear red roses and carry thursdays issue of the FT. :D

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Where is South Cave services, and don't say south Cave. :spank:

Me and little Dave will wear red roses and carry thursdays issue of the FT. :D


:lol: :lol:

Off the A63, when you turn off for South Cave, the Total garage is just off the slip road.

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What a day ....

After coming off my bike with Toni on the back :crybaby: and that was even before we got to South Cave :?, met up with Craig and had a good ride through to Squires (Phil, I didn't get your message this morning, sorry, we waited til 11.15am anyway to see if anybody else would turn up).

Met Rob, Rambo and John10 ... good to meet you guys :thumb:

Saw a few others who I knew already, then Toni and I took a ride through to Fridaythorpe with them, then onto Malton, down a few lovely roads, to Pocklington, Market Weighton and then back home.

All in all it turned out to be a great day, good company and fab weather. Shame I didn't meet more of you, but now the weather seems to be improving (watch this space :lol:) I hope to meet a few others :D

We were out from 10.30 until 6.15 :thumb: Covered 140 miles which was good going with little legs as pillion, and she wanted to stay out longer :lol: The little off we had hasn't put her off at all, which is good news :)

Oh, and I also lost my intercom lead :( but will be putting up another post up about that one, just on the slim chance that someone has a spare one :D

Just one pic from today ... talk about bad helmet hair :( ... and that was only Craig and Rob :lol: :lol:


Craig, Rob and Meeeeee :lol:

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