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BSB : How the......


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How on earth does a tyre stick to the road in the rain in a corner at 100mph? or even 70mph for that matter?

surely basic physics says that the bike should slide out from under them? I've no idea how it sticks. I could understand how cars stayed on because they have four wheels and some stability but bikes?

I think this is the same problem I have when I ride myself, lack of confidence that it will stick and a bit worried that its going to wash out from underneath me and slide me across in front of a car.

Those BSB boys are something special. Those tracks can be intimidating at the best of times but even more so in the wet.

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Just seen the highlights....put me in a car and id haev the confidence (not skill) of schumacher, but on a bike...nah....they are just feckin nutters ! :)


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Bad call on the first race though.....it was pee'ing down. No wonder they lost about 5 riders on the first corner.


I quite agree Willow

slick tyre + greasy surface = ARE YOU FERKING CRAZY

no wonder some of the riders were looking across to race direction with their hands up. I think some of these riders are born without the fear gland :shock:

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went down yesturday. cant belive no-one put there hand up to stop race at the start. how dangerous.

but yeah they stick like glue to the track, lots of wobbles though.

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to answer the first question

the answer is easy

they dont have bloody cars, busses and wagons chucking oil and diesel all over the track

its amazing how grippy the track is in the wet :?

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heat and more heat in special race compounds--even though wet cools a well worked tyre will stick--uber confidence needed.

personally,on the road, not that quick in the dry but love rain riding strangely where concentrating on 'road reading' is essential for rapid progress find meself quicker than the bods I go out with--strange

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